Plan your Life with CP&R's Online Resources

In a stroke of genius, CP&R put up a database of approximately 900 alumnae and non-alumnae willing to help Scripps students get answers to questions about careers, majors and general life outside of Scripps. Called Life Connections, this database is located in the Academic Portal and allows you to search for any member of the database in different ways, including current or previous career, geographical region, undergraduate degree, graduate school, name, and class year. These welcoming alumnae openly supply email addresses or phone numbers and are truly able and willing to help.

Thanks to Life Connections, I do not have to ask total strangers to answer my career questions and larger-than-life quandaries. Now I can direct these questions at women with whom I have at least one thing in common—Scripps—making them want to take the time to listen to me and help me. These amazing alumnae are often willing to do mock interviews, help with resumes and help find housing.

Talking to the members of the database and getting help for resumes and interviews are not the only things Scripps students can get from Life Connections; CP&R realized that students also need to get experience in their fields of interests or majors. So, in another stroke of genius, CP&R presents The Gateway. Easily accessible from the CP&R section of the Scripps College website, The Gateway is a resource for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. Logging on is very simple. Your student ID and a password will grant you access to thousands of work opportunities in any number of fields for any length of time; with lists of organizations—companies, NGO's and others—and actual job and internship postings, you can plan any period of time that you wish to fill with some sort of work with just two websites, a resume edited by CP&R and the members of Life Connections and The Gateway. Who could have ever thought it would be this easy? CP&R, that's who!