Denim With a Cause

Courtney Peterson ('09) is hosting a unique fundraiser. On Friday, March 6, Peterson is having 1,000 designer jeans shipped to Scripps campus, where she will be selling them at discount prices. The jeans come from Charity Denim, a Salt Lake City based organization that supplies last season's overstocks and samples at low prices for organizations in need of a fundraising opportunity. All of the denim the organization provides is sweatshop-free and from department stores and boutiques.

The profits from the sale of these jeans will benefit Bare Necessities, a student-run, non-profit organization based in Colorado that was started by a former Scripps student, Sarah Dunn. Dunn and the other founding members of Bare Necessities were inspired to create "a volunteer organization committed to identifying and providing assistance to orphanages in the developing world" after visiting an orphanage in Mexico.

Specifically, the money raised from this Scripps fundraiser will finance the Kibera Home for Children, an orphanage that lies in the heart of the Kibera Slums just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The Kibera Home for Children houses just under 20 children and "currently struggles to provide a stable environment for the children, as basic essentials (food, shelter and clothing) are not easily attained." Bare Necessities hopes that the money Scripps women donate while they shop will provide these basic essentials and help build a stable and healthy environment for the children.

Peterson, Scripps' resident fashionista—she worked for Armani this past year in Milan, and will be interning at Vogue this summer—feels extremely passionate about the projects that the Bare Necessities foundation organizes and executes. Peterson said: "I've been to Nairobi, and so I've seen how bad the slums of the city are. These kids are all amazing and are so eager to learn, and so the Kibera Home will offer them a safe and clean environment where they can begin their education. I was first introduced to Charity Denim two years ago at another fundraising event in L.A., and always thought it would be amazing to bring Charity Denim to Scripps." Peterson also said that 10 to 12 dollars from each pair of jeans sold will go to the Kibera Project, adding, "I'm really hoping everyone will come out and support us. We have the opportunity to significantly contribute to building the Kibera Home from the ground up."

The Charity Denim fundraiser is a win-win situation. Not only will you be scoring a pair of Joes, Citizens or True Religions at a reduced price, you will also be contributing to a cause that will have a direct impact in the lives of underprivileged children in Nairobi.