Nutritionist Gives Advice, Not Negative Body Image

Meeting with nutritionist Mariana Bowman was surprisingly fun and helpful. I sort of expected to find a condescending, fitness-obsessed, super slim, strict "dietician."Despite my preconceptions, Bowman was a personable, sweet, regular woman who offered great tips and information about eating well and staying healthy based on student questions. Her focus definitely wasn't "fitting into those super tiny jeans" or "how to eat plain, redundant, unexciting health food." She presented plausible diet recommendations in a non-threatening way that made it clear why I should eat more healthily. I also appreciated her awareness of the fact that college students don't necessarily have all the resources available to prepare extravagant meals or even have a dining hall meal three times a day. I learned a lot going, and the best part? It made me feel better about my body and my eating habits—something I definitely hadn't expected. I recommend attending an event with Bowman to other women who aren't sure about nutrition and its role in their busy lives. Free one-on-one meetings with registered dietician Mariana Bowman will be offered free at the Sallie Tiernan Field House April 16 and May 5 from 4:15 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.