Scripps Students Sell Treats and Trinkets for Cancer Charity

On Saturday, April 11, the Scripps Relay For Life team will hold a combination garage sale and bake sale. The simultaneous sales will start at 10 a.m. and will continue until 5:30 p.m., leaving a large window of time for people to stop by, pick up some goodies and contribute to a good cause.The items for sale will include, according to team captain Neha Deshmukh ('12), clothes, books, DVDs, jewelry, trinkets, room decorations and delicious treats. Some Crust is donating pastries to the bake sale, and 21 Choices and the Motley have also been asked to donate what they can to the fundraiser. The Scripps team is raising money to participate in the Relay For Life, at the Pomona City Hall, on April 18. Relay For Life is the signature activity of the American Cancer Society. Teams of people camp out at the local venue and take turns walking or running around a track, making sure that a representative from the team is on the track throughout the event. Team members fundraise for the event before coming out to recognize and honor cancer victims by participating in the overnight walkathon, which lasts up to 24 hours. Each team member pays a registration fee of $10 and is working toward a goal of raising $100 before the relay. "It's a really fun experience because you make incredible friends, work with a team, get to know others in your community, and put your efforts toward a good cause that makes a difference in people's lives. The overnight walkathon is an incredibly fun experience and always becomes people's favorite memories," said Deshmukh. Although Relay For Life is by no means a new event—the American Cancer Society's website advertises that 2009 will mark the 25th year of the relay—its presence at Scripps is new. Started by Deshmukh earlier this year, the new CLORG has already attracted membership from Scripps women eager to make a difference. Deshmukh, who shares her leadership position with Shailini Pandya ('12), explained the process of getting the Scripps Relay For Life team up and running: "I just talked to some people at SARLO and the field house in order to get faculty support, registered with the American Cancer society, and got a group of about 15 extremely enthusiastic, interested girls." As a team captain, Deshmukh makes sure everyone "participates, has fun and makes a ton of friends." Team captains are designated team members who, in addition to participating in the fund-raising and the relay itself, organize and lead team fund-raising and act as liaisons between the American Cancer Society and the team. Team captains go to regional conferences and meetings, organize, facilitate and lead their fellow team members and make sure that everybody enjoys the experience. The Scripps team includes members who have been involved in Relay For Life since high school—such as Deshmukh and Pandya—as well as those whose lives have been personally affected by cancer. Michelle Gloster ('12), member of the Scripps Relay For Life team said, "I'm interested in Relay For Life because many of my family members have had cancer and my grandmothers both died of cancer." Members are encouraged to join whether they know someone who has battled cancer, want to get involved in an important cause or just want to have fun. Enthusiasm for Relay For Life underpins all that the team members say and do. Deshmukh calls Relay For Life an incredible experience, an opportunity to have fun and be involved in a good cause. Said Gloster, "I like the idea of Relay for Life because of the teamwork involved to raise money and participate in the event." The Scripps Relay For Life team may be new, but its fundraising efforts are just the beginning; Deshmukh says that the team is "looking to expand next year and host our own relay on Scripps's campus." Whether you want to help an up-and-coming CLORG on campus, provide money for important services and research, pick up some new stuff or just grab a cookie, stop by the Relay For Life garage-and-bake sale. For more information about Relay For Life, visit the Scripps Relay For Life Facebook group or the American Cancer Society website (