SADIOS Welcomes Admitted Students to Campus

Make no mistake about the glorious weather of the past few days: spring is here. Besides being a time of regeneration and sunshine, the season has a few more things to offer—namely, a slew of deadlines. For high school seniors, this means choosing a college, a memory that many of us have purposefully relegated to the furthest recesses of our brains. On April 17, the annual Spend a Day in Our Shoes (SADIOS) event will usher in a fleet of admitted students currently facing this decision—and through a combination of information and entertainment, SADIOS will help them decide.


Spend a Day in Our Shoes is a chance for roughly 200 admitted women to explore Scripps, visualize life on campus and anticipate the gut feeling of whether or not it is a good match. One of the best ways to decide is by spending the night in a dorm, which students had the option of doing on the night of April 16. Those who took advantage of this were not disappointed, with a scavenger hunt and a Without a Box performance highlighting the night's activities. The next morning, SADIOS Friday commences with academic open houses, hosted by, among others, CP&R and Study Abroad. Students also have the chance to investigate popular majors and listen to an overview of the Core program. After lunch on the lawn, the second half of the day is oriented around student life, with visits to SCORE and SARLO and ongoing facility tours. 


Simultaneous with the SADIOS merriment, selected classrooms will be open for observation, allowing students the opportunity to witness students and faculty in the classroom setting. Afterward, panels will be set up for students and families to ask questions. Many will be arriving with little more than a skeleton outline of what Scripps stands for, but talking to professors and current students will help to fill in the blanks.

When it comes down to it, no amount of tours will  convince someone where to spend the next four years of her life. However, the women who participate in SADIOS will have the pleasure of witnessing Scripps at its best. Admission director Laura Stratton emphasizes the day's ability to show a great deal in a short amount of time. Along with Cassie Giles, assistant director and "SADIOS planning guru," Stratton has enlisted the help of 75-100 student volunteers to show off the school.


The excited frenzy of SADIOS is wonderful. For numerous prospective students, it will be the first of many Scripps-sponsored festivities to include cookies or the first chance to witness what really goes on in the college classroom.


Whether you're wearing a nametag or simply pointing out Garrison Theater for the umpteenth time, go out of your way to befriend a SADIOS student. Ask for her name, help her decipher the hieroglyphics of the campus map and invite her to spend a day in your shoes—after all, you may just see her again in the fall.