Talking Fashion With: Allie Lockwood '10

How would you describe your personal style?

I guess kind of old school. I don't like to show a lot of skin.

What influences you?

Brigitte Bardot, especially in the movie Le Mepris (Contempt). Seeing that was like a style revelation for me. I'm obsessed with the big, 1960s hair and heavy eyeliner.

What are your signature, classic, "must have at all times" items?

A pair of grommeted brown boots I bought in Madrid. I've had them resoled twice!

What does a typical "Allie Lockwood" outfit look like?

Ridiculously put together. I habitually overthink getting dressed just because it makes my day so much better. I've been that way since high school.

Where do you like to shop?

Wasteland in San Francisco, Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, and Nolita in Portland. There's a great resale/vintage store in downtown Pomona called La Bomba, too.

What makes an outfit interesting?

The story behind it.

Do you prefer a department store or flea market?

A mix of both. I mostly do resale and vintage, though. It's harder now that I live in Claremont; online shopping is where it's at.

Who are your favorite designers?

I love Paul Smith, Alexander Wang and Temperley. The brand Tulle is fantastic and super cheap. Dolce Vita, Alice + Olivia, Thread Social and Chloe are other favorites.