From the Editors...

From the Editors... Sometimes it seems like we never even left Scripps for the summer. Professors still cram our schedules chock full of essays and exams, imparting their extensive knowledge onto us. Fresh-baked cookies still await us every weekday dinner; post-Core I lunch crowds still fill Malott to the brim; excitement over sushi night still runs high; snack nights replete with deep-fried corn dogs and crispy chicken nuggets still nourish us as we struggle through pages upon pages of reading. The Motley still serves up its famous chai and blasts groovy music. The sports teams are still going strong, as evidenced by the daily sight of the cross country teams running across Bowling Green Lawn.

While many aspects of Scripps may stay the same, the campus is in a state of continuous transformation. New students have arrived on campus, ready to transform and be transformed by Scripps’ culture. New and returning students alike make friendships with neighbors, classmates and other 5C students. New clubs take flight. New professors teach new classes. New leaders step up to take charge of the campus.

As editors-in-chief of voice, our job is to do all that we can to notify you of these changes, events and transformations. Most importantly, we want to provide you with the best newspaper possible. With this goal in mind, we have been hard at work assembling a first-class team of editors, managers, writers and photographers. Together, we aim to bring you articles to inform, excite, incite and just plain entertain you.

But we can’t do it without you. To be honest, we are often in the dark about what is happening on campus. Who knew about the controversy over topless bathing at Scripps? Or that John Krasinski spoke at Pomona last week? Or that a new, interdisciplinary major—art conservation—has recently sprung up on campus? As our reader, it is up to you to let us know what’s going on around campus, give us your honest opinions and engage with the Scripps community. Without you, voice is just a collection of text boxes. But to make our newspaper more than just that—to make it a community forum—we need to hear from you.


Vritti Goel & KC Mautner