SAS UPDATE: What is a Scripps Student?

SAS chose “What is a Scripps student?” as the theme for this academic year because we feel that the image of Scripps does not reflect the reality and experiences of the student body. There is a one-dimensional, stereotypical image of a Scripps student; we want to challenge that notion and replace it with a much more complex, multidimensional understanding and reflection of the amazing students who attend this institution. It is especially important to deal with the issue of defining our community this year because there are a lot of changes happening on campus. This is a pivotal moment for Scripps. Many decisions are being made that will directly affect the next 10 to 20 years of the College, and we want students to play an integral role in shaping the direction that Scripps takes. We want to ensure that the image and direction the College chooses reflect student concerns, experiences and needs.

Part of how we plan to challenge the image of Scripps is by empowering the student body to define our community for ourselves. We want to fight apathy on campus by addressing specific student concerns—housing, alcohol and public relations—and letting students know that we have control and influence over Scripps as an institution. We want to involve as much of the student body as possible in our decision-making process through emails, office hours, BeHeard forums and anything else that works for students. Our goal is for SAS to be everywhere, collaborating with different groups and clubs, planning programs and representing student interests and concerns to the administration and staff. If you have a problem or suggestion for how to improve Scripps, we want to hear it!