What You Might Have Missed This Weekend...CHX W/ DIX and Foot Village at Pitzer

CHX W/ DIX begins a night of primal mayhem On Oct. 3, KSPC 88.7 F.M. celebrated its first performance of the Blowout Concert Series by hosting local bands CHX W/ DIX and FOOT VILLAGE. By the end of the night, one thing remained certain: never have the Claremont Colleges been rocked this way before! The bands fused their mind-blowing sounds with paint, tin foil and huge drums while helping the audience members unleash their inner warriors. There was a great deal of drumming, a lot of screaming and limitless energy being thrown about the Grove House; enough to make you wish you hadn’t skipped out on it for the CMC White Party.

Check out Foot Village’s music at: http://www.myspace.com/footvillage

* Make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice and check out the awesome upcoming events hosted by KSPC 88.7! For more information, search for “KSPC Blowouts” on Facebook.