SAS Relaxes Escort Policies

Last semester, a student brought up Scripps’ escort and guest policy at a BeHeard Forum. The escort policy was enacted by the Scripps student body and falls under the jurisdiction of SAS. The student wanted to make the escort policy more flexible, so SAS took on the project and tried to gather students’ input on the policy. SAS created a subcommittee to address the escort policy and held another BeHeard Forum to specifically take on the issue. Many students voiced their concerns regarding the policy. Some wanted to eliminate the policy completely, saying it was outdated. Others did not want to change the policy due to safety concerns. There was a lively debate, and we were able to gauge the variation in the student body’s opinions on the escort and guest policy. Though there was no consensus on completely erasing the policy, students wanted to modify it to reflect changing desires.

After much discussion, SAS created an online survey with various proposals to modify the escort policy, including hall passes, registering with the RA, meeting the neighbors and bathroom signs with the host’s door open. We had 366 responses and the overwhelming majority—67 percent—voted for allowing guests to walk to and from the bathroom without an escort, as long as the guest changes the bathroom sign to notify other students of his or her presence, and as long as the host student keeps her door open.

The policy was enacted on April 1 last year. The current stated policy is as follows: “The escort policy was created by and adopted by the Scripps student body. Students may have guests at any time. From the time guests enter the residence halls, they must be escorted by a Scripps student who will take responsibility for her guests; she will leave only when another Scripps student assumes responsibility for the guests. In the case that guests need to use the restroom, the Scripps escort’s door must remain open until the guests return, and guests should be advised to flip the sign on the bathroom door to alert residents of their presence.”

SAS reserves the right to change or reverse the policy if violations of the new escort policy arise. If you have any questions regarding the policy please contact any member of SAS, come to SAS office hours on Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the SAS office in SARLO or send an e-mail to