SAS Update: BeHeard Forum: Housing and Student Space

At SAS’s first BeHeard Forum last month, we introduced ourselves and presented our budget for this academic year. We also opened up the discussion to talk about any pressing student concerns or needs. The first thing that came up was housing and community, or lack thereof. These issues are always the first to be raised every year so we want to focus an entire BeHeard forum on Housing and Student Space. Come and discuss any of your housing issues, what you think should change and what should remain the same. SAS has come to the consensus that Scripps is in need of a Student Union. We feel that a Student Union would foster greater community, encourage students to get out of their dorms in a centralized location and provide a space on campus for students to control.

SAS will be presenting a proposal for a Student Union to the Board of Trustees and we need YOUR input now to help figure out our dream student space. We have a lot of questions to answer before we can begin to write this proposal, and we need your help. What would the function/mission of the student union be? What should it to look like? Should it be primarily a study space or should it be more of a lounge? Should we have computers, tables, couches, dry erase boards, TVs, conference tables, etc.? What hours should it stay open? Where would we like it to be located and when would it be possible to open? Whose responsibility will it be? Would the living rooms, SARLO or browsing rooms work for our purpose? Why? Do we even need a space?

Please come to the next BeHeard Forum on Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. to share your ideas, comment on others and, as usual, receive a delicious Motley drink on SAS.