Lucky Dragons Shares its Musical Toys with Pomona

On Nov. 4, Luke Fishbeck of the Los Angeles-based duo Lucky Dragons reunited with 5C students in a performance at Walker Lounge at Pomona College. The band had given a memorable concert at the Shakedown at Pitzer College in the spring semester of 2009. Though his bandmate, singer Sarah Rara, was missing in action, this time Fishbeck was able to keep the crowd entertained with an innovative and interactive show. Lucky Dragons has recently gained an increase in notoriety after opening for Thom Yorke and Flea’s collaborative concerts at the Echoplex and The Orpheum in October. However, the band has been around since the late 1990s. Having released fifteen studio albums, Lucky Dragons is not only highly prolific but also ahead of its time in its use of music production with its much talked about live execution of other-worldly sounds.

Using advanced technology, the band is able to bridge the gap between performer and audience by allowing participants to hold onto wires and then create their own music through skin contact. Other instruments, such as shakers and gongs, were also passed around to add another dimension to the live music. Whether one was an onlooker or an active participant in Fishbeck’s experiment, one could feel the excitement as the crowd began to realize that it was the real feature of the show. Lucky Dragons’ music can be previewed on