CLORGS! Spotlight: New LiveArts Club Shakes up Music Scene on Campus

By Erin Coleman ‘11Contributing Writer

Scripps LiveArts is a new club this semester that organizes and implements on-campus concerts and other live arts events. Though the current focus is on music, as the club has an upcoming concert, enthusiasts of all art forms at all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

As Scripps students, we wanted the resources to expand the styles of music that are represented on campus, to rethink the way we use the spaces we have at Scripps and to meet like-minded women who have unique music tastes or are open to acquiring some. This club is also a great opportunity to learn the ropes of booking shows, which includes contacting bands, booking, budgeting and promoting.

We’ve been working hard to plan our first two shows. Our first show will take place at the Motley on Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. and will feature Scripps student Kendra Atleework’s posthardcore band Twin Hero, in addition to bands Anchor Babies and Summer Vacation.

Our second show will be at the Motley on Oct. 29 and will feature Lovers, a synthyelectric girl band and Dunes.

After these two Motley shows, we’re hoping to focus on putting on shows in new spaces such as courtyards, Vita Nova, Humanities or the new Student Union. Scripps has myriad beautiful spaces to use for live events, so we have taken it upon ourselves to utilize all the space we can find.

LiveArts has had three meetings so far, including an off-campus listening party at which members shared music and introduced one another to new sounds and art resources.

All who are interested in learning to book, plan, publicize or just increase the size of their iTunes libraries can jump in at any point throughout the year. The club can be found in the Toll Rec Room at 7 p.m. on Thursdays.

Come to a meeting to discuss a variety of genres—such as riot grrl, punk, rockabilly, gypsy-punk, ethereal, electronic or hip hop—make great posters for events, share a favorite new band and meet some great Scripps women!