Introducing new Scripps staff members...

Executive Chef Brandon BarousseArial Bloomer '12

You’ve probably seen our new Executive Chef, Brandon Barousse, around Malott Commons these last few months. This last week, I sat down with him to find out more about one of the newest members of the Scripps community.

Chef Barousse started at Scripps in mid-July. He had previously worked as the executive chef for Disney Studios, but he jumped at the chance to work at Scripps so that he could be closer to home and his family. “It’s great for me, because I live down the street,” he says. Barousse hasn’t worked at a college before, and says the most noticeable difference, so far, has been student awareness of food allergies.

Barousse noted that “the food is great,” but his goal is to improve it where he can. He wants to “bring in seasonality,” and make as much fresh product as possible year-round. “I hate using frozen vegetables,” he comments, but says that when local produce is in season, it is sent to the dining hall.

Barousse also wants to introduce more ethnic food to Malott, like Middle Eastern, Indian and Greek. In short, he’s looking to add “more variety.” His specialties include Cajun and Mediterranean cuisines; his family is from Louisiana, and he lived in Italy for six months.

Of course, desserts are something near and dear to the hearts of Scripps students. Barousse’s favorite dessert is a chocolate decadence cake, a rich flourless cake, “with a glass of cabernet.”

If you haven’t already, feel free to introduce yourself, next time you see Chef Barousse around.

Interim SARLO Director Robert Viteri Julia Petraglia '12

Although new to Scripps College, the new Director of SARLO, Robert Viteri, is no stranger to the Claremont Colleges’ community. He earned his undergraduate degree from Pomona College and graduated from Claremont Graduate University with a Master’s in Education. He also spent 19 more years with the Claremont University Consortium working as the Associate Dean of CLSA.

Robert is excited to be working at Scripps and getting to know the staff, faculty, and students. During his time here so far, he has enjoyed getting to know the Scripps community and all of the people that make it such a special place. He is honored to be able to help make Scripps students’ experiences the best they can be.

Even in his short time here, Robert has been a part of big changes in SARLO. With the new space, the office is able to provide students with all of the same support. Now that there’s a separation of professional staff offices and student space, students now have a place of their own: the student union, sponsored by SAS.

While he thoroughly enjoys the work that he does at Scripps, Robert has interests outside of the colleges. He’s an avid movie lover, especially action and science fiction films, and enjoys spending time with his wife, Rosa, and cat Lola. And, like a true member of the Scripps community, Robert has quite the sweet tooth, finding it difficult to leave Malott without a cookie in hand.

Robert’s favorite aspect of working as the new Director of SARLO is interaction with the student body, and he wants Scripps students to know that his door is always open. You can talk to him about current events on campus, about his extensive DVD collection, or about his love of chocolate. He loves meeting new students, so help him reach his goal of being able to meet every Scripps student at least once before the year is up.