Matt and Kim Rocks The Music Box

By Anna Pickrell '14Sports & Activities

When the average young adult claiming to be somewhat in the know on contemporary music thinks of Brooklyn synth-pop duo Matt and Kim, they might think, “Aw, how adorable!” But if they do, they clearly have never seen the band live. Though the couple’s history and perfectly matching personalities do make one want to squeal on occasion, Matt and Kim’s success is in their music. And in that arena, I prefer to define them as badass.

To say that Matt and Kim’s recent concert at The Music Box in Hollywood was mind blowing would be an understatement. Though my venture into downtown turned into a 12 hour endeavor, the hours spent on the Metrolink and the hot sidewalk were more than made up for when I was told to put down my sociology reading and go inside early to meet the band.

Having idolized these guys since they began goofing around with beginner levels of musical skill in 2004, I was more than astounded by the ease with which I was able to chat with them about vegetarianism and hash browns.

The full body shakes I got from hugging drummer/vocalist Kim Schifino led me to realize that this openness with fans is what makes Matt and Kim the beloved entertainers that they are. After gracing us with close to 30 minutes of their precious pre-show time, they played an early release of their upcoming album, “Sidewalks,” through venue loudspeakers. The audience felt the love once again. When was the last time you heard an album a month before release date without illegal downloading?

The show began with two openers who, though apparently admired by Matt and Kim, did not strike the right chords with this rowdy audience. Despite this bad luck with openers, Matt and Kim had no problem starting things off with the genuine spunk for which they are loved. In the first 10 minutes a set of drumsticks and two used towels were tossed into the audience, Schifino danced on top of her drum set twice and Johnson shared his recent diagnosis of gingivitis with all of us.

As things began to heat up to the point of borderline nudity on behalf of some audience members, the band continued to pour buckets of sweat and sheer joy into love for their work, reminiscing on life before their music outbreak and proclaiming to have “the best job in the world.”

The two closed off the night with their number one hit “Daylight,” a song that, as the two shared, has been known to obliterate bad days. As they completed their final song, the two kept their vigor as fresh as though the set had just started.

Keeping their “cuteness” to a minimum while still pleasing the more sensitive viewers, Matt and Kim completed their show with the absolute excellence I had anticipated.