New Year, New Faces: The Class of 2014

By Nikki Broderick '14 This fall, 264 new freshmen arrived at orientation to being their journey as students at Scripps College. These women come from 33 states, including Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Although 35% are from California, 15% of the students hail from the east coast. With 264 total students, the class of 2014 marks one of the largest classes in school history.  This new group of students includes students from 11 countries outside the United States, spanning from Myanmar to Thailand. This year also marks the largest number of transfer students joining the Scripps community: 24 in total, three of them being international transfer students. While our students have achieved much academically, including taking numerous AP, IB, and college courses while enrolled in high school, the diverse class of 2014 also has many other talents and hobbies. The women that joined the Scripps community this fall have donated hair to Locks of Love, participated in various varsity sports, acted in many plays and traveled across the globe to volunteer and help others; one is a luge champion and another can even lick her elbow. These fresh faces will certainly bring fun and excitement while we build community and celebrate the genius of women throughout the year.

Madeline Barnes Hometown: Kenmore, Washington (Lakeside School)

Potential Major: Double Major in Biochemistry and Classics

Extracurricular Activites: Athena’s Basketball, Crepes for a Cause, S.W.E.E.T.

Fun Fact: Spent one month in India living with a host family summer 2008

Favorite Shows: Glee, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds

Favorite Quote: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Leah Soffer

Hometown: River Forrest, Illinois (Oak Park River Forrest High School)

Potential Major: Double Major in Dance & Psychology

Extracurricular Activities: Psi Chi, S.W.E.E.T, active member of Hillel, participating in Pomona-Scripps Dance Concert in Winter 2010

Fun Fact: Traveled to the Arctic for a semester science course field study in summer 2009

Hobbies: Jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, KenKen

Favorite Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Kat Arenella Hometown: Los Angeles, California (Harvard-Westlake)

Potential Major: Psychology or Music

Extracurricular Activities: After School Special (an a Capella group), Concert Choir

Hobbies: singing, acting, reading magazines

Fun Fact: Wants to learn how to play the harp!

Sarah Loebner

Hometown: Los Altos, California (Los Altos High School)

Potential Major: Biology

Extracurricular Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, Kosher Chords, active member of Hillel

Fun Facts: Sarah can make anyone laugh by the sound her of own laughter and has a deep emotional connection with her pet hermit crab, Scot Lee.

Hobbies: Doodling, singing, napping, tennis, puzzles

Leslie Sachs Hometown: Lincoln, Massachusetts (The River School)

Potential Major: Undecided

Extracurricular Activities: Habitat for Humanity, Rotaract

Hobbies: Drawing, running, painting with all the colors of the wind, singing with all the voices of the mountains

Fun Fact: Performed community service in Costa Rica sophomore year with Global Works