Scripps Student Disappointed by QS World Graduate School Tour

By Catherine Wang ‘13Staff Writer

The QS World Grad School Tour—the largest post-grad education event in the world—travels to 56 cities in 34 countries with selected international graduate school programs and caters to 40,000 students.

Their visit to UC Irvine, the closest QS stop to the Claremont Colleges, was free of charge to students who wanted to speak with representatives from international graduate schools about programs they were interested in. In addition, QS allowed students to have one-on-one interviews with graduate school representatives, which is a very unique opportunity—especially for international graduate schools with whom it would be hard to arrange interviews without traveling to the school.

However, some schools that the QS website said would have a booth at the Irvine part of the tour were not present, which made it hard for attendees to see all the schools they wanted to see.

Though QS claims to be a graduate school tour, some of the universities do not offer all programs, so a student who is looking for a unique program might not find many schools with that specific program at the tour. In addition, the representatives did not seem to be clear on how the graduate credits received outside of the United States can transfer to be certified in the United States.

Though the QS World Grad School Tour is an amazing opportunity, it seems to have greater benefits for students who are mainly interested in international graduate schools and want to interview with their representatives.