Introducing: Fine Cheese Club!

By Leah Rosenbaum ’12Guest Writer

It’s always surprising what brings people together—the random or quirky ways people meet or get involved in a common activity. For a growing number of Scripps students, that unifying element is cheese, good cheese.

Since being formed last spring, the Fine Cheese Club had brought together Scripps women with a shared passion for quality cheese—none of that plastic American, please. The club’s twice-monthly meetings feature three cheeses and a few pairings – such as crackers, dried fruits and chocolate. Usually occurring on Sunday afternoons, these meeting offer a valuable study break—a chance to chat with others and try new cheeses. Cheeses sampled so far this year include an Australian Boxing cheddar, the popular Humboldt Fog, a creamy taleggio, tangy asiago, even one by the name of Red Dragon—it’s fairly intense and earthy – a soft cheese studded with seeds. And with the newly opened Cheese Cave, the helpful guys at Wolfe’s cheese counter and the abundant selection at Trader Joe’s, the cheese selection is sure never to repeat.

In addition to tasting cheeses, some club members are also trying to make their own dairy products. No veined blues yet, but if certain funding requests come through, a tangy yogurt or soft neufchatel might not be too far off. Those looking to get involved in anything cheese related, please contact Leah Rosenbaum at