Power of Pink Reaches Scripps

By Bernice Villela '12Staff Writer

The Power of Pink Walk, sponsored by the Sallie Tiernan Field House and Pinkberry, was an opportunity for community members to show support for and solidarity with people who have been touched by cancer. Approximately 150 Luminaria bags, decorated with messages of empowerment by students, staff, faculty and community members, lined Elm Tree Lawn on the Thursday evening of October 15.

Robert Viteri, Scripps College’s Interim Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities, shared that the Power of Pink walk “reminds me that there is an army of people out there who are fighting to eradicate this disease from the face of the earth. What this means tonight is that we all come together as part of that army of people… [so] that someday, that we will see a world without breast cancer.” Dean Viteri has been a pillar of support to his wife, Rosa, whom he married 24 years ago, two years after her first breast cancer diagnosis.

Rosa explains the significance of the walk to her: “I used to look at hope as kind of a corny, false type of security. I don’t anymore because, through my years- and I’ve struggled for 26 years; I’m a five time breast cancer survivor- hope becomes a very important element in your survival, not just for the person going through their journey, but for the people around them.” To Rosa and Robert, the Power of Pink Walk meant that other people in our community are dedicated to raising awareness about breast health issues at a college campus, where breast cancer might seem, to many students who have not been impacted by cancer, as a distant concern. Rosa concludes, “People need to be aware that breast cancer doesn’t happen to other people, it can happen to anyone.”

All of October, Scripps College will be celebrating Breast Health Awareness Month. The month opened with a Malott Commons Lunch Lecture by Martha Osborne, Breast Health Program Nurse/Educator, titled “Breast Cancer Basics for Women of All Ages: Know Your Facts.” A-Team is hosting a Pink Chipotle night- buy one get one free- all day long on Wednesday, October 20. On October 21, Rosa and a group of breast cancer survivors will participate in a panel discussion, moderated by Sue Castagnetto. The following week will be host to a “breast” art competition at the Motley, and a concert on Friday, October 29 at 9pm at the Motley with queer Portland based band, Lovers. Find out more about these events on the Malott Commons Facebook Page.