TNDC Provides Alternative to TNC

By Ashli Duncan '11
Opinions and Editorials Editor

Thursday Night Dance Club was started by RAs last year as an alternative to TNC. Students teach the classes which styles include India, samba, salsa, hip-hop, capoeira and line dancing. Any style that would be interesting to learn is welcomed.

This is the second year that TNDC has been taking over Sallie Tiernan Field House at 9pm to teach Scripps women new and inspiring ways to move. TNDC allows students to learn some new styles, sweat a little bit, and groove the stresses of the week away.

This past Thursday night, a group of Scripps women were transformed to “b-boys” thanks the teaching of Mariám Tejeda. The program has amazing student teachers.  Scripps women left with the skills to challenge any b-boy to a dance off. And dancing to Usher is a great way to start the weekend off.

“Mariám is a talented teacher whose many years of dance training are evident and aspiring,” said Adelina Solís (’11).

If interested in teaching, talk to Breanna Perlmutter or Vritti Goel, the RAs running the program this semester. “You are welcome to teach whatever style you want to teach. Something not popularly taught at the 5Cs,” said Perlmutter. TNDC is great if you love to dance but don’t have the time to take classes. TNDC is also a wonderful space for any level of dancers to express themselves without the pressure of competition.