CMC’s Trash Day Showcases Student Responsibility to the Enviroment

By Catherine Wang '13
Staff Writer

Hosted by CMC’s SPEAR (Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility), Trash on the Lawn day was held in front of Collins Dining hall. SPEAR officers said that the event was motivated by a discovery last year that 70% of trash at CMC is recyclable. SPEAR emptied trashcans from around campus and inside dorms out onto the lawn and proceeded to separate the “trash” into piles of Compost, Recycle, Corrugated Cardboard and Trash. SPEAR showed students things that could have been recycled if they had not been contaminated and many empty trash bags that SPEAR emptied into compost and recycle. Encouraging students to be more aware of what they actually put into “trash” bins, SPEAR stayed on the lawn in front of Collins for 5 hours. They raffled off an eco-friendly water bottle and gave out stickers saying, “I’m not down with trash.” Not only was this a highly informative event, but it was also inspiring to other colleges who should definitely get started in promoting more recycling and composting.