Waiting for Superman Worth the Wait

Ariel Bloomer '12Staff Writer

Waiting for Superman is a poignant, sometimess chilling documentary that probes the failings of America’s public education system, and explores ways we can push for change. Davis Guggenheim, director of An Inconvenient Truth, uses powerful storytelling and passionate expert interviews in an attempt to galvanize and move to action the general

public. Far more effective, however, are the stories of five academically-motivated kids whose parents are fighting for the chance at a better education. The documentary places blame on teachers’ unions, and the overwhelming amount of red tape involved in firing bad teachers, or rewarding good ones- an obstacle that Charter and Private schools don’t face. With little time given to supporters of teachers’ unions, Waiting for Superman’s assessment ultimately comes off as one-sided and simplistic. In spite of that, the movie is worth watching; it’s an incredible springboard for critical discussions about problems and solutions within the American education system, and the five inspirational families followed throughout the film are unforgettable examples of why that discussion matters.