CLORGS! Spotlight: Introducing... Scripps Art Society

By Rachel Hennessey ‘13Staff Writer

Claremont’s eclectic mixture of Neoclassical, Victo rian, Spanish and Modern influences make it exceptionally interesting from an architectural standpoint. It is only fitting that the five colleges, which contain representations of each of these styles, contribute to the preservation of the village’s unique artistic spirit. For over 20 years, the members of the Scripps Art Society have provided students from all five colleges with opportunities to explore, promote and create works of art in and around Claremont.

The Art Society has experienced great success in previous years thanks to strong student leadership and effective advertisement for the club and its events. The Society’s events and excursions have provided students with access to art shows and museum trips. For example, it co-hosted the “Wearable Arts Fashion Shows” at the Motley, for which students created apparel out of unconventional materials. Events such as this are excellent ways of reaching out to a wide array of students, and have enhanced campus-wide discussion about design, fashion, and other relevant topics. The society also has a history of encouraging students to enjoy the world-class art in Los Angeles County.  In the past, chairs have used their financial allotment to help fund the Senior Art Shows, to provide transportation for trips to galleries in L.A., and to bring artists to campus for afternoon workshops.

Sadly, the Art Society has lost stamina since its beginnings.  However, in 2009, Melinda March (‘10) decided it was time to make a change, by reopening it to students from all 5 colleges and recruiting new members.  This year, Lili Salzberg (‘12) and myself, Rachel Hennessey (‘13), aim to build off of March’s foundation, and keep the club thriving.  Lili and I have discussed our ideas for the future, which we will put into action next semester, when the club will formally recommence. We would like to bring hands-on creativity back to Scripps by implementing collaborative art projects around campus, such as enhancing the new student union or painting a mural.  Additionally, the club aims to, “raise awareness of the fine art in the area surrounding Claremont, as well as in our own community,” explained Salzberg. A trip to the Getty or LACMA and a private tour of Claremont’s own OBJCT gallery are other likely Art Society sponsored events to keep an eye out for next semester.

Whether you are an art major or are simply artistically curious, let the Art Society come to your rescue next semester when you find yourself overworked and libraried-out!  Venturing off campus for a cultural event or opting to get your hands dirty with some friends may be just what the doctor prescribed.