Family and Faith Collaborate

By Lindsey Cook '11Guest Writer

Caustic, tense, bitter, painful, nonexistent. What do these words have in common? They might be used to describe the traditional relationship between the queer community and the Christian community. However, tradition is being challenged at the 5Cs.  Family, Scripps' Queer/Straight Alliance, and 3C InterVarsity, a Christian group at CMS, partnered to facilitate a Queer/Faith ally training on December 4. Leadership from Family and InterVarsity developed the ally training together, which included discussion, education about language specific to each group and comparisons between communities. The atmosphere of cautious optimism gave way to excited interest as the training moved along.

Students from each community shared experiences and asked thoughtful and genuine questions. The training ended on a poignant note of recognizing the similarities between both communities: that love and support are foundational to each but that both groups struggle to maintain equality and loving attitudes at times.

Berenice Villela ('12), co-president of Family, shared, "This is only the first step in what Family sees as a series of events addressing the intersections between queerness and faith. This training was completely customized to the needs of IV and Family, and it was so exciting to see a group of students engaged for an hour and a half. It felt revolutionary."

An additional collaborative ally training and movie screening are being planned for next semester. Email for more information. To access the training manual used, please visit