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By Guadalupe de la Cruz ‘11SAS Communications Chair

To promote transparency, the Scripps Public Relations department has created a position for a SAS representative on the Scripps College Magazine Editorial Board, which advises the PR office on the magazine, published three times a year.  The Communications Chair is a new position on SAS this year whose responsibilities include being this representative. I, as the Communications Chair, am responsible for representing student perspectives on the content and layout of the magazine. For the latest edition of the magazine, most of the stories and layout had already been selected at the beginning of the semester even though many things changed afterwards due to the prestigious award received by the Scripps College Academy.

While the magazine is mainly targeted at keeping alumnae and friends of the college informed on all the latest college news and events, it usually includes stories on student life and profiles, as well as academics, awards, and alumnae spotlight. A main concern I heard voiced from students was the lack of transparency regarding how students were selected to be featured in the magazine and how a student or group might go about being featured. I spoke to Mary S. Bartlett, College Editor, and she informed me that most some students who had previously been featured simply asked her office and oftentimes wrote their own articles, in addition to references from individual professors and different offices on campus. However, in her new position (she has previously been Director of the entire Public Relations department), Bartlett has committed to actively seek out more feedback and submissions from students for the magazine.

Since this conversation, she and I have been brainstorming on ways to make this process more open and available to all students and groups on campus. To include stories accurately representing the student community, we are currently working on a process to take submissions from student groups or individuals, after which the Board would recommend which stories to include in the magazine. However, it is likely that not all submissions would be published due to the constraints of space in the magazine.  Deadlines for submission will be released to the entire student body as they become available, as well as more detailed information regarding length and content of articles. In the meantime, please email me at if you are interested in learning more about potentially writing an article and being featured in upcoming issues of the magazine.