Winter Wonderland Holiday Brunch

By Vritti Goel '12Co-Editor-in-Chief

In a break from usual Scripps tradition of hosting a seasonal dinner in December, the Scripps Associated Students organized a Holiday Brunch for Scripps students on Saturday, Dec. 4. Themed “Winter Wonderland,” Scripps students, resplendent in blue and white mingled with each other and attending Dean of Students Staff in a portion of Malott Commons set aside specifically for the meal. While the rest of Malott Commons was open for brunch, those attending the brunch were treated to a [hearty] brunch meal and a delicious array of desserts, from chocolate mousse cake and sugar cookies to apple pie. As is custom for the Holiday meals held by SAS, attendees received a small gift as they entered. This year, it was a small snowflake ornament. The Holiday Brunch was a relaxing celebration before the upcoming finals week and winter break.