Clorgs! Spotlight: Introducing the Marine Biology Club

By Jesse Osborn '13Guest Writer

The Scripps College Marine Biology Club is a brand new club that started this year. The club’s goal is to increase awareness about the decline of our oceans’ health while teaching and encouraging the implementation of strategies to preserve the oceans. They provide a forum for students to explore marine biology and share this interest with other Scripps students. This past semester was a fantastic start for the club, as they participated in several activities both on and off campus.

The first issue that the club investigated was the implementation of sustainable seafood in the dining halls. Sustainable seafood is seafood that is caught or farmed in ways that will maintain or increase production of the seafood without endangering or harming the environment and ecosystem from which it came.

This is an ongoing investigation as the issue has come down to the contractual agreements with the food supplier.

Also on campus, the club put on a screening of the academy award winning movie, “The Cove.” This was a very fun event and raised some questions on how politics can affect science and environmental actions.

A major part of the club is getting off campus to visit beaches, tide pools and oceans. During the fall semester, the club participated in California Coastal Clean-Up Day, picking up around 35 pounds of trash along the Long Beach coast.

Members also traveled to several aquariums including The Aquarium of the Pacific and Birch Aquarium in San Diego.

This semester they plan on doing several more aquarium trips along with trips to tide pools, snorkeling around Catalina Island and hosting several more ocean themed movie events.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Jesse Osborn at, and look for posters about upcoming aquarium trips and movie screenings.