Roswitha Burwick Retiring after Forty Years at Scripps

By Abby Volkmann '13 Photo Editor

At the end of the 2010-2011 academic year, Scripps will say goodbye to longtime professor Roswitha Burwick. This year marks Professor Burwick’s 40th year at Scripps. Students and faculty alike will miss her presence in both the German department and Core Curriculum. Among her many accomplishments, Professor Burwick holds the Distinguished Chair of Modern Foreign Languages and has also recently served as the Director of the Core Program.

Her retirement from Scripps certainly does not mark the end of her work in German Studies, however. Her future plans include finishing a 40-volume collection of the works of German writer Achim von Arnim.

As part of an editor’s team, Professor Burwick has helped write and edit many volumes of Arnim’s work, which covers topics such as poetry and scientific theory. She will continue to conduct research for future volumes, mentor young contributing scholars and edit works in order to advance the project. She will also continue her work toward getting two volumes of collected essays published.

Additionally, she plans to spend more time with her six grandchildren.

Professor Burwick will undoubtedly miss her everyday interactions with students, and her students will undoubtedly miss her. In the meantime, she’s teaching four classes this semester and is enjoying every single one of her last moments here at Scripps.