Summer and Study Abroad Opportunities

By Neva BarkerDirector of Off-Campus Study

For students who are unable to fit in a semester of off-campus study, or for students who want additional exposure to the the there are summer options that may be considered.  Opportunities include programs ranging from two weeks to two months.  Subject matter will vary by location with many programs offering classes around a specific theme rather than offering a wide range of course options.  Some programs offer academic credit while others are nice travel experiences with an informed guide and do not qualify for academic credit.  Students who hope to get credit for any study over the summer are wise to check out the requirements for transfer credit with the registrar before enrolling or paying any application fees or deposits.  It may be possible to fulfill general education requirements with a summer program but it is wise to check with your Scripps advisor or a faculty member in the appropriate department about the particular class.

Students do not need to work with the off-campus study office for summer programs but we are happy to provide feedback on what we do know about such programs.  We are starting to collect evaluations from previous students on their summer opportunities and if any students have experience with summer programs they would like to share we are eager to hear it.  The college does not offer any financial aid for summer programs but students may be eligible for some funding either through the program itself or from a limited number of scholarships for summer programs and are wise to ask the program sponsor.

As a caveat, we do recommend that students thoroughly research any program before enrolling.  It is always a good idea to ask for the names and contact information of two or three students who have recently completed the program.  I would be wary of any program that refuses to provide this type of information.

There are thousands of programs offered in the summer, for study, for volunteering and just for the experience of travel and most are well run but there are some that are quite expensive and it always a good idea to practice an attitude of "buyer beware" and carefully check out before you pay any fees.  If you decide to participate in a summer study abroad program, we wish you safe travels and an amazing experience!