The Motley Coffeehouse Brings Change to Spring Semester

By Abby Volkmann ‘13 Photo Editor

This semester is one of significant change for the Motley. The managers turned a critical eye on the coffeehouse in order to assess and alter their business practices. Their goal is to further embody the ideologies of their mission statement, which focuses on social and environmental justice and responsibility.

The staff have altered their hiring practices by making the application more accessible, lowered prices of both foods and beverages and rewritten the corn mug policy sponsorship as a companion initiative to their “to-go cup” policy in order to reach the broader Scripps community.

Changes have also been made within the Motley community. Managers created a new Motley forum in which employees can readily voice their concerns and ideas.

A barista liaison position—an intermediary position between baristas and managers—was also created. These liaisons were elected by the baristas and serve as a resource for new baristas during on the job training.

The managers have also implemented a Resource Center on the east wall of the coffeehouse. The Resource Center is a collection of zines, books, online resources and health supplies for women that serve to educate, empower and support the people in our Scripps community.

Later this semester, a forum will be held to give community members the opportunity to voice ideas, questions or concerns. All are welcome.