Issue of the Semester: Your Health

To Stress or Not To Stress, That is The Question. By Bre’anca Sanders (’11) Guest Writer

It is that time of the year once again. Do I dare speak of “he who shall not be named”? Unfortunately for all of you Harry Potter fans, I am not referring to the one and only Voldemort, but to the common damper on everything that is fun—stress.

Nowadays the use of this word evokes emotions similar to those produced by the term thesis, which embodies the true essence of stress for most seniors. No matter what your expected graduation date, it is certain that everyone on-campus deals with the faintest amount of stress. Whether your stress derives from multiple mind-bottling courses, leadership roles, intense hours of summer internship or job hunting, family issues or a combination of these matters, you should feel secure in knowing that you are not alone.  In fact, even the most easy-going individuals must conquer their encounters with stress. And of course, calm, Zen-like persons need a method in order to eradicate the primary pest of the 5C’s, but their techniques are not quite as much of a mystery as you may think.

Due to our constant busy lives in the world of the Claremont bubble, we tend to treat stress as if it is a normal factor in our everyday lives and we have no choice but to accept it and move on. Luckily, no one needs to reside with the anxieties of college willingly. There are numerous ways of cutting down on pesky headache inducers. For example, one could join an exercise class such as yoga or kickboxing, where stress burns away faster than calories. In addition, a Relaxation Room consisting of massage chairs and multi-media entertainment offered by Health Education Outreach provides a safe, tranquil space for students to find a release. For those who prefer to not stray too far from their quarters, small additions to your daily routine can provide more stability to your hectic life. Try drinking more herbal tea, studying on the lawn or in the Margaret Fowler Garden, invest in Netflix or even taking a nice nap in a browsing room for once. Partake in whatever entices your senses.

At the end of the day, we have to consider our overall well-being as a major factor for success. Without a good sense of equilibrium, celebrating your academic or professional endeavors may become straining due to lack of energy and clear mind. If all it takes is a daily dose of a tantalizing apple to keep the doctor at bay, then do not hesitate to gobble down Granny Smith’s best. With that said, keep your spirits high and your all-around health at its most fit!