SAS Space...

By India Mullady '11SAS President

I want to take a minute to write about the Student Union.  Conceived many years ago, students always thought they deserved to have a space to lounge that was all their own.  They wanted a place to show their independence and creativity.  Last year we fought for the space and won!  Now we have our lovely Union to show for it.  It’s not perfect, but we are trying to improve each day.  I want to say how proud I am of how different students take initiative to tidy, clean, and use the materials respectfully.  We only bought one stapler for the space, and it is still there (yes, I know, it needs staples, sorry about that).  Yes indeed you are all showing enormous respect for the space, which I knew you would!

Thank you to all those who took the survey asking for your feedback about the Student Union— we had nearly 200 participants.  We polled you, not just because we wanted your collective opinion (though we do!), but also in order to make a presentation to the Scripps College Facilities Planning Committee and the Board of Trustees.  On a side note the card swipe data shows there have been nearly 6000 swipes into the space, which may seem low until you account for the fact 20 people might walk in for snack on only one swipe.

Here is what we discovered from you:  80% of those surveyed have used the Union.  The number one activity in the Union is studying (76%), but there are strong collectives that use the supplies or the conference rooms for meetings.  The great news is we now have a space for 5C clubs to meet on Scripps.  I just met with the other 5C Student Body Presidents and Scripps was able to host them.  I won’t lie, I felt a little proud.  So invite clubs and study groups to Scripps.  We have our weekly snack on Sunday and we will now be holding our monthly BeHeard forums in the space—don’t forget you will get a Motley coupon for coming!

Getting back to the survey: 77.8% of you Scripps students feel comfortable using the space.  While this is a good number, I want to know how we can make the space more accessible to all who would like to use it.  You also provided many good suggestions such as cheerier décor, access to water and bathrooms.  I agree 100%.  The water situation is currently being resolved, as Scripps might be changing their water jug carriers, which is why we have to wait.  The bathroom is trickier, it’s not possible to pipe a bathroom into the Union, but swipes are now on the Seal court doors 24/7.  Color on the walls?  That’s up to you!  If you have anything you are willing to donate: art, posters, pictures please let us know.  If your Clorg has won an award, we have happy to have it framed and hung.  And later this spring keep your eyes peeled for a community art project, where we will bring the supplies to you and let you leave your mark on the Union for generations to come.  Until then, stay sassy friends, stay sassy.