Wanted: Writers of all Types for Scripps College Journal

By Alexandra Talleur ‘12Staff Writer

What type of writer are you? Do you gladly share your work with friends and family, despite their grumbles over having to edit yet another essay? Or are you a closet writer, keeping even your proudest pieces shuffled away in nightstands and desk drawers? Most of us are probably the latter. Though it’s true that the trauma of pulling an all-nighter for a research paper is a memory best forgotten, what about those other creations, both creative and academic, that you felt truly satisfied with?

Once a semester we all have the opportunity to share our stories and to flaunt that paper we slaved over. That opportunity is the Scripps College Journal. Since its inception in 1999, it has progressed from being a collection of academic essays to encompassing creative short fiction, memoirs, poetry and even artwork. At first open only to Scripps students, it now accepts submissions from all the 5Cs. This alone shows the growth of the journal over the years. And it is looking to expand even more with this spring’s publication.

While past editions have been filled with amazing work, Kimberly Drake, head of the Writing Department at Scripps, said that she’s “hoping that the energy and excitement I’ve observed in this year’s editorial staff will result in more submissions than we’re used to receiving. I’d like the journal to be a little thicker.” When asked why she believes the Scripps College Journal is relevant to us now, Drake said, “It features the best creative work of our students and the best academic essays of our first-year class. It displays for the Board of Trustees, the 5C faculty, students, staff and prospective members of the Scripps family the high standards we set here for students.” Wouldn’t you like to show off a little? Besides being a resume booster—no matter what your major is—getting published is simply exciting. Each year, the Journal is a beautiful showcase of students’ hard work and imaginations, and now that it features color pages and a cover with student artwork, it’s even more of an aesthetic achievement.

Somewhat shy myself, I am familiar with the insecurities of sharing my creative and personal work with others. As a counter to this, Drake has reassuring words: “I’d encourage any shy person who would like to submit a creative or academic piece to contact one of the editors or myself. We’ll gladly look at the submission together and see what might need to be done, if anything, to make it Journal-ready. We are happy to give our authors/artists pseudonyms if needed to protect their privacy. But most students are pretty excited to have a publication credit in the journal.”

If you are interested in submitting content for the Scripps College Journal to the Writing Center, the deadline is April 21.