Career Planning and Resources Shares Quick Tips for Finding and Securing an Internship

Anna Petkovich ’14Features Editor

“We don’t want anyone at Scripps to think she has to go at it alone,” said Vicki Klopsch, Director of Scripps’s Career Planning and Resources (CP&R). Her words come as a relief to the many students who find the process of locating and obtaining internships somewhat daunting. It is reassuring for students to know that they are not alone when considering the myriad internship opportunities out there.

No need to fear as long as CP&R is here. The friendly staff are here to assist Scripps students in internship hunts in drop-in hours as well as counseling appointments. Then there are their tips, on the CP&R website, for braving your entry into the world of internships.

One piece of advice from Gretchen Maldonado,  assistant director at CP&R: “Don’t press the send button and assume you’ll get a response right away.  Follow up.  It is possible to be polite and persistent at the same time.”

CP&R Internship Search Tips:

1. Tell people you’re looking.  Friends, family, faculty and former supervisors included.

2. Use your resources.  CP&R offers the Nationwide Internship Consortium (NIC) and recommends and among others on their website.

3. Be prepared for an unpaid internship. Unfortunately, most of them are.

4. Don’t wait for the deadline.  Have a resume ready to go as soon as you start searching.

5. Be bold.  Reach out to the places where you want to intern and ask.

6. Don’t read into a “no” or a “not now.”  It isn’t personal.

7. Make it an ongoing process.  Internship listings are always changing.

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