dA Center For The Arts Presents A Fundraiser Concert Series

By Tiffany Yau ‘12Arts & Entertainment Editor

Walk into dA Center for the Arts on any regular afternoon and the atmosphere is typical of most galleries: quiet and contemplative. But on the last Saturday of each month, the dA transforms into a raucous live music venue with attendees of the Pomona Arts Colony Art Walk streaming in. On March 26, the dA Center for the Arts will present three local bands, Telle Eyed Specs, FIM and The Natives, as part of their ongoing fundraiser concert series.

The dA Concert Series reflects and furthers the dA mission of sharing and celebrating the arts. The concerts aim to raise funds for the organization. These funds go toward continuing the dA’s events and working in the community. The concerts are held on every last Saturday of the month, coinciding with the Last Saturday Art Walk in the Pomona Arts Colony. Every show features three local bands and is all-ages, with a $5 suggested donation. The series has met considerable success. Its great turnouts have created quite a bit of buzz in the arts community.

As an intern at dA Center for the Arts, Margot Buermann (‘11) is responsible for organizing each concert. Buermann’s involvement with the dA and concert series began with her “compulsion to share music.” Said Buermann, “I wanted some experience working with a non-profit, and I had been to the dA’s art and music shows in the past. I loved the atmosphere there because it’s such a welcoming place, you really feel that as a community member you can get involved in what’s going on there, so that really spoke to me.”

Buermann’s role in organizing the concert series ranges from finding the bands to remedying last-minute line-up changes and all the intermediate steps in between. She oversees the search for bands, the booking of the shows and the promotion work. The bands also often do an in-studio performance on Buermann’s radio show (“I Dig Underground,” on KSPC 88.7FM Saturdays 9-11 p.m.) to promote their music and the upcoming concert.

Buermann faces many challenges in her work for planning a successful show. One of the biggest challenges, she said, has been working without a budget. Since the dA has very limited funding, the organization generally cannot afford to pay bands to play in its show. But the challenges Buermann faces have only revealed the strength of the community. KSPC has sponsored several bands to play in the series, and there have been artists eager to play for free.

“Overall, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the eagerness of these bands to play,” said Buermann. “That should be a compliment to the dA, that people who have never heard of it before I talk to them immediately identify with its mission and want to be a part of it, even for a night and even if they don’t get paid. I’ve been so lucky to work with such down to earth and talented people.”

The next dA show, on March 26, begins at 8 p.m. Be sure to check out the surrounding galleries on your way to dA Center for the Arts this weekend!

FMI on upcoming shows and events, visit the Facebook page for “dA Concert Series.” For volunteer opportunities, show booking or general inquiries, contact dAConcertSeries@gmail.com.