Have Fun, FlirtALittle

By Ann Mayhew '13Guest Writer

Ever found yourself sipping a chai latte at the Motley, only to look up and see the guy or girl of your dreams slip out of the door? Instead of spending your time daydreaming what you will say if you run into him or her at next week’s TNC, you now have another option… LikeALittle.

LikeALittle is a website created precisely to satisfy college students’ impulses to follow up on that ephemeral connection. Like a “missed connections,” it enables users to flirt by describing a person’s appearance and the location he or she was spotted. While most “missed connections” websites look to actually help hook users up with their missed connections, LikeALittle serves a more entertaining purpose: allowing for the anonymous employment of cheesy pick-up lines, with little risk of actually meeting the person again. Since users can set the LikeALittle page to their specific college campus, the website has quickly replaced Texts From Last Night as the go-to procrastination page.

Traditional LikeALittle posts consist of mild, sexual puns. For example: “At Hub Store: Male, Blonde -- You’re working the Hub Store tonight and I bought cherry chapstick. Wanna help me test it out?”

Though the Claremont Colleges’ LikeALittle encompasses all 5Cs, it is frequently less exciting than large universities’ LikeALittles. Claremont College LikeALittles tend toward clean messages. They often simply express a desire to grab dinner together. It is also common to see messages that ask other Claremont students what guys or girls want from the opposite sex, or to see a LikeALittle from one person to his or her significant other, saying how much they love each other.

Although LikeALittle could be considered offensive because of its innate sexual nature, the anonymity, acceptance of all sexual orientations and fact that it is used solely to compliment others keeps it more or less uncontroversial.

“LikeALittle is just another website to encourage [college students’] procrastination,” said Taryn Ohasi (’13). “And it gives little ego boosts to those who have been LikeALittle’d. What’s not to love?”

The best part?

Some students have succeeded in meeting up with their LikeALittle suitors! A Scripps student (who wished to remain anonymous) has met a couple of guys through the website. After responding to messages written about her, she has been able to set up dates.

“Though the intent behind the website seems a bit strange, it has proven to be a good outlet for these two guys who probably wouldn’t have approached me otherwise,” she said.

If you like sappy romances, go onto the LikeALittle webpage. Under “Featured,” click on “Stories” to read testimonials from people who have met a significant other through LikeALittle.

LikeALittle is—like the objects of its users’ anonymous affections—worthy of checking out. Who knows… someone could be LikeALittling you.