Changes to Hall Draw Process Prove Ineffectual

By Oriana LaVilla '14Features Editor

Scripps — it is that time of year again: the time when hall draw descends upon us. The sense of tension and anticipation has begun to surface around campus as students receive their hall draw numbers, and begin to research and plan their living situations for the upcoming year.

This year SAS held a BeHeard Forum to collect students’ opinions and ideas on the current hall draw process in order to reform rules and regulations for an easier and more student-friendly process.

A large number of students attended this forum and a great number of suggestions were put into play. Recent changes to the Scripps College hall draw process have been put into effect. But is anyone really taking advantage of them?

The SAS snack this past Sunday featured an unofficial mock hall draw so that students could predict the likelihood of drawing into particular rooms. Though a sound idea in theory, the mock hall draw was weak in practice.

In the end, only fifteen hall draw numbers were written on the whiteboards lining the walls of the Student Union. Either students had not been adequately informed of the opportunity, or their interest and passion for new regulations have dwindled from the passionate voice for change at the BeHeard Forum.

Responding to this lack of participation, Eliza Silverman (’14) said, “I think the mock hall draw is a good idea but only if everyone participates. I am not going to take the time to write down my number if there are only fifteen other people who do the same. However, I think it would be a great resource to students if it was official.”

Although the changes this year did not work out exactly as SAS had planned, they functioned as a series of test runs which should be helpful in upcoming years.

SAS will continue to work with the Scripps administration to reform the hall draw process in a way that reflects the input and desires of all Scripps students.