Japan Relief Concert

By Lauren Prince '14News Editor

The Claremont Colleges Benefit Concert on April 3 in Garrison Theater raised money for students and families in Sendai, Japan. The money donated from the roughly 150 students, faculty and community members in attendance will go to the Victim’s Compensation Funds to be used for long-term rebuilding rather than immediate relief.

The Departments of Music and Dance of all five colleges organized a two-and-a-half- hour concert showcasing the talents of students, faculty and staff. The group collaborative effort provided the  opportunity for the colleges to act as a international community – to come together in the support of those in Sendai, Japan, and to “offer the best of what we do” said Hao Huang, Professor of Music at Scripps and one of the organizers of the event. Scripps’s students represented the majority of music and dance performances.

The Claremont Psyko Taiko group opened the concert and “played with such power, setting the mood and tempo for the whole concert,” said Psyko Taiko member SU Anne Lee (‘14). The performance marked the first time this group has played for such a large audience.

A duet was performed by Hao Huang and his wife—on piano and violin, respectively—which Psyko Taiko member Ishani Deo (’14) lauded for its emotional resonance. Said Deo, “[in addition to] the technical scale on display, it seemed they both put a lot of thought in how there were going to perform. They played something that had a lot of feeling to it. Rather than showcasing just their technical abilities, they chose something about their feelings about what is going on.”

Of the concert as a whole, Lee said, “Everyone sang with such passion and strength. The music just came through.” The power of the occasion resonated not just with its performers; its emotions translated into the audience as well. The benefit concert showcased not only support for Japan, but also the talent, dedication and hard work of people who walk around the 5C’s on a daily basis.