Pomona College Enjoys LMFAO

By Alissa Fang '12Guest Writer

“Every day I see my dream.” The chanting of these words permeated the Claremont air on April 2. Catchy electro hip hop beats echoed across the colleges. College students dressed in neon tank tops and lensless nerdy glasses all migrated to one place. Pomona College’s Big Bridges hosted one of the colleges’ biggest live music events, headlined by LMFAO.

This musical duo is known for its remixes of popular songs including Black Eyed Peas’s “Boom Boom Pow,” as well as their original tunes such as “Yes.”

Heavy security greeted the influx of fans into Big Bridges, checking purses and bodies to make sure no cameras and bottles went in with the spectators. The show opened with DJ Anthem showcasing his skills to a large excited crowd.

LMFAO took the stage promptly after, receiving an enthusiastic welcome by cheers and frantically waving glow sticks. Students eagerly tried to squeeze toward the stage, but security guards were there to prevent people from rushing to the front of the auditorium. The imposing security guards inspired some complaints among disappointed late-comers. Eventually, though, everyone settled in their place and danced along to the beats.

The two rappers of LMFAO, known as Redfoo and SkyBlu, performed songs from their album “Party Rock,” which debuted in 2009. The crowd’s energy continued to rise with LMFAO’s performances of the singles “I’m in Miami Bitch,” “La La La” and “Yes.”

Visuals were very prominent in their stage set-up. Two monitors displayed important lyrics prompting viewers to sing along. The screens also projected trippy, abstract images that moved with the beats of the songs. Colorful lights danced around the entire theater. The concert was more than just a live music experience; it was also a multimedia experience, appealing to our different senses. LMFAO ended its set with the most-recognized of the band’s songs, “Shots,” leaving a hyper and slightly intoxicated crowd behind.

A bit of confusion rippled through the crowd when the duo left the stage without saying goodbye. Some hoped LMFAOwas going to come back for an encore, but were saddened to find out that the duo was not going to play any more songs.

The music did not stop, though; DJ Anthem once again entertained the audience with top hits to make up for the disappearance of the rap duo. And everyone danced the night away.

Well, not really. The event ended at around 10:30, rather early for a hip hop show. Overall, people seemed to enjoy the show, walking out of Big Bridges yelling the lyrics of songs that they had just heard live.

I’m still not sure whether people were so enthusiastic because of the quality of LMFAO’s performance, or because of the few drinks they probably had before the event.