Fighting the Zombie Apocalypse: HvZ is back in Claremont

By Sarah Chung '15, Contributing Writer

Students across the Consortium busted out their Nerf guns and sock balls last week for five days of eating and trying not to get eaten. Every semester, the Claremont Colleges take part in a game of moderated tag called Humans vs. Zombies.

This game has been a growing tradition among hundreds of colleges across the US since 2005. More people participate in Claremont each semester, and the game has become more and more sophisticated. People have gotten creative by modifying Nerf guns and planning out day-to-day routes.

The game is quite simple. Each “zom- bie” wears a yellow bandana around her or his head and each human wears a yellow bandana around her or his arm. The humans have Nerf guns and sock balls to defend themselves while the zombies chase them and attempt to “eat” the humans. If a human hits a zombie with either a Nerf bullet or a sock ball, the human is safe from that zombie for 15 minutes.

If a human is tagged by a zombie, she or he must switch the bandana position and become a zombie. Zombies who “eat” enough people can gain special powers, such as getting pool noodles to extend their zombie reach or having to be hit twice to be stunned. Often, the growing zombie horde

becomes too great for the dwindling human race, and no survivor is left behind.

The Scripps campus was a haven for humans seeking refuge from the zombies, since the game isn’t allowed at Scripps. Classrooms, bathrooms and students’ own dorm rooms are also safe zones for humans to run to.

It’s no easy task being a human. As Brandon Kim (PZ ‘15) said, “It’s hard for me to do my homework. I’m always googling ‘Best ways to avoid zombies’ and it gets really stressful.”

Many students, though, feel the game’s positives outweigh its negatives. “Yeah, it does make you a little nervous,” said Mi- kayla Raymond (‘15), “but you meet so many people through the game! You immediately bond with fellow humans while running from zombies and doing night missions.”

Ally Kerley (‘15) said that “carrying a Nerf gun everywhere just makes me feel badass!”

For those who missed the game this semester, have no fear! Mark out those sneaky routes to your classrooms and modify those Nerf guns, because the zombies will be back for more next semester.