Make a Deal with Professor Dibs

By Mike Goldberg, Founder of Professor Dibs

It’s true what you’ve been hearing around campus: there is a new professor in town, and he calls himself “Professor Dibs.” He’s cutthroat and innovative. But most importantly, he’s cheap. is the newest place for 5C students to find deals like $4 movie tickets, 50 percent off frozen yogurt, luxurious massages, rock climbing and fine “date night” dining all around Claremont. But what you don’t know about the man behind the tie is sure to amaze you.

ProfessorDibs was created by two fun-loving Claremont College alumni eager to serve the students of their alma mater. They wanted to make college life a little easier on the wallets of their former classmates, so they decided to go out and find the best deals in town. Disguising their good deeds behind the pseudonym of ProfessorDibs, 2010 Claremont grads Mike Goldberg and Noah Taubman (pictured), ate at every restaurant and stopped by every store. One of them, whose name shall remain anonymous, even got a pedicure at a swanky salon in the new village (by the way, he loved it). Their mission: offer students, faculty, staff and parents the best quality around Claremont for the smallest price tag, while still doing something positive for our 5C community.

Goldberg and Taubman were quick to realize that Claremont had endless hidden stores and restaurants that would normally fly right under the average student’s radar. They discovered that Los Jarritos II has the best chicken tacos in town, the florist on Foothill Boulevard could make a quick delivery right before your big date and Razzle Dazzle Frozen Yogurt offers by far the best toppings in a 5-mile radius.

They had no choice but to create a colorful and easy to navigate website exclusively for Claremont College students, their parents and community members. Goldberg and Taubman convinced the best of those stores and restaurants to offer insanely huge deals and discounts on Why, you may ask. The two wanted to figure out a way to not only save students money, but also give back to the student organizations and groups that make the 5Cs the coolest schools south of Baldy. As Goldberg put it, “Once we graduated and entered the ‘real world,’ we began to realize what a unique place the 5Cs really are. We have the opportunity to build something that will allow students to not only save money, but also individually make a huge impact right here in our community. We want to give students the platform to make change.”

But how do great deals help the community? A portion of every coupon purchased on goes right back to a student group or community organization working to make a positive impact in Claremont and other local communities. That means students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni can make change by simply saving money with ProfessorDibs. It’s about making it easy (and affordable) to help your fellow classmates pursue their passions, whether it be tutoring youth in our neighborhoods, volunteering or singing.

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