Breaking the Record: Scripps Career Planning & Resources Meets 92 Percent of the Class of 2015

By Michelle Nagler '15, Photography Head

Congratulations, first- years! You’ve helped Scripps Career Planning and Resources (CP&R) break a record! For the first time in the history of Scripps College, CP&R met with 92 percent of the members of the first year class in just the first two weeks of school. That’s a lot of meetings! (Two hundred and thirty six, to be exact.) In light of this accomplishment, I asked CP&R’s Assistant Director and Career Counselor Gretchen Maldonado to fill me in on what this means for Scripps.

The small size of each year’s Scripps class means that it’s possible to meet with every new first-year individually. The class of 2008 was the first to receive such focused attention from CP&R, with 2004 being the first year that an effort was made to kick off the start of first-years’ first semesters with a CP&R appointment. The goal of these meetings has always been to give incoming students a chance to meet with a career planning professional, and to let students know what is available to them through CP&R.

Said Maldonado, “Some [students] want to get started right away. They have a plan.” But many students, if not most, do not have a plan. Meetings with first-years are not intended to put pressure on the students to know what they want their careers to be. “We’re not scary career ladies,” said Maldonado. The meetings are meant to be a chance to “say hello, to answer any questions and to lay a foundation for a good relationship.”

So, to the eight percent of my fellow first-years who have not yet discovered the wonders of Scripps Career Planning and Resources, I encourage you to stop in and schedule an appointment with them. Stop by the CP&R office the next time you check your mail or grab a coffee at the Motley— it’s right next door!

CP&R resources include lessons on proper résumé formatting, conducting advanced searches for jobs and internships and performing mock interviews. If you’re undecided about what path your life will take after Scripps, CP&R can help you there, too. Assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory will assess your interests and identify occupations of those who have similar preferences. The career counselors are friendly, informative and eager to help. Make an appointment to see them! You never know—it might even lead to a summer job or internship!