SAS Speaks

By Francesca Simmons ’14, SAS Media Relations Chair Hey Scripps! First on the docket for our Scripps Associated Students update is this past Sunday’s SAS Snack. The SAS Treasurers, Ashleigh Shoecraft (’12) and Emily Watterberg (’12), presented their hard work in the budget breakdown at snack; if you were unable to attend snack but still have questions for the treasurers, please email them at

Also related to budgeting discussions, Scripps Investment Fund (SIF) funding is available to Scripps CLORGS. Forms are available in the Student Union, so don’t hesitate to go and fill one out for your CLORG. The more money you have, the better! Forms will be accepted until Friday.

Speaking of the Student Union, the next SAS BeHeard forum will be all about it! SAS representatives will be there to hear what you have to say about your Scripps space. SAS will be creating a Student Union policy and we want Scripps students to be involved in every part of the process. Plans for remodeling the Student Union will also be discussed, so please come with any ideas on how you want your space to look, as well as the type of space that you want it to be. The forum will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011 at 9 p.m. in the Student Union. Be there and BeHeard!

Next up on our docket: Peer Advocates! Many of you have probably seen them around the dorms. They have finally finished their training and will be available to aid the Scripps community. Within the next few weeks, the Peer Advocates will begin having office hours, and will be available for you to consult about College policies. If you have any questions about independent study, internship credit, creating majors or any conflicts you might have with any policies, then these are the students you should be talking to! Every dorm is assigned a Peer Advocate, so keep your eyes peeled for your dorm’s advocate’s office hours within the following weeks.

Finally, SAS President Antoinette Myers (’12) has a new email! From here forward, please email all SAS presidential related topics (questions, comments, concerns, etc.) to!

Keep it SASsy, Scripps!