Beyond the Quadrangle

By Kate Pluth ’12, Copy Editor

Instead of bringing the same news to you that you can read about every day, we thought we’d share with you snapshots of out-of-the-ordinary, weird, cool and just plain wacky stories you wouldn’t necessarily read otherwise.

Students attending University of California, Merced are living in the lap of luxury on a budget. Their lack of on-campus housing is abated by a surplus of empty mansions. Housing communities in the area, overbuilt due to the recession, were made available for students’ use. So, after studying in a double- height living room and eating in a chandeliered dining room, these lucky ducks can take a dip in their Jacuzzis to decompress. (New York Times)

How honored would you feel if you were born at 11:11 on 11/11/11? Just ask the newborn Jacob Anthony Saydeh, who entered the world at precisely that time in Mount Holly, New Jersey. But wait—it gets better. This serendipitous moment occurred on Veterans Day, and it just so happens that Jacob’s mother is an Air Force veteran. His father is currently in the Air Force. (Associated Press)

In Portland, a man faces criminal charges for watching television. Apparently, he forgot that entering someone else’s home—also known as trespassing—to plop in front of their television is not legal. A family member who confronted the uninvited guest on behalf of the homeowner knocked him unconscious with a blow to the head. (Associated Press)

Qatar is feelin’ jazzy in its rise to being a cultural center in the Middle East. Jazz at Lincoln Center, a celebrated nonprofit jazz organization centered at its club in New York City, will be making its first expansion by opening a jazz club in a new $1 billion luxury hotel in Doha. (New York Times)