NAKED Presents: Nipple Time with SHE

Happy holidays, dear sexy readers! It’s been a warm autumn, but as the weather cools I’m sure you’ll find more and more ways to occupy yourselves indoors. Your Slutty Health Expert looks forward to reading whatever questions your indoor escapades provoke! Until then, what’s more festive than sitting in front of the warm glow of a computer screen? (Okay, probably plenty of things are more festive, but I didn’t have a good segue for presenting these next couple of questions, and they were sent via the internet. Work with me here, okay?)

Are nipples the gateway to the vagina or merely the gateway to the breasts? -Anonymous

Ummm...the only thing nipples provide a gateway for is milk, Mr. Anonymous Internet Man.

Nipple-pleasing techniques. -Anonymous

Fine. I’ll address the question. (Some of us are sensitive about our nipples, okay? And some of us aren’t. Everyone’s different, but I just thought I’d remind you that some people don’t even find the nipple region to be erogenous. So all this focus on nipples can get boring. For some people. Just so you know.)

The fact that you’re curious about technique is a good sign. It means that you’re interested in pleasing your partner. You know the best way to figure out how to please your partner, don’t you? It involves direct communication. Like: “does this feel good?” or “is biting okay?”

As far as sensitive regions of the body go, a light touch tends to be best. Just barely grazing a sensitive area sets the nerves a-tingling more than mashing your face into it. (Also, it doesn’t exactly feel sexy to have someone’s face buried in your chest, latched onto your nipple like an infant. See the previous question if you need to be reminded of the biological connotations of those deliciously round mammary glands you’re trying to pleasure.)

If you’re adept with the clitoris (and your partner’s of the nipple- stimulation-enjoying variety), you might want to try some clitorally- pleasing techniques on the nipple. Trace the alphabet with your tongue.

(It sounds silly, I know, but it’ll help you get a sense of which directions are most toe-curlingly appreciated. And you don’t have to hum to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” while you do it...Maybe opt for “Silent Night” to set a festive tone? The vibrations from your humming might actually be appreciated...) Some people enjoy gentle pinching. Sometimes a hearty grab is nice.

What’s enjoyable varies person to person, but it also varies moment to moment. Pleasure can be derived from strange and unusual things, and gauging your partners’ reactions is an essential part of experimenting to find the appropriate technique for your specific partner in the specific moment.

Some people like hot wax (and around this time of year, aren’t there more than a few candles lying around?). Some people like honey, or whipped cream, or other sweet foodstuffs (you could heat up some old marshmallowy sweet potatoes if you’re so inclined). Ants are also keen on such foodstuffs, though...I take it I don’t need to remind you that sexual experimentation can be messy. And that Pomona has an ant infestation. I sighted a few ants in Toll the other day, too...Stay safe, okay? Clean up after yourself if you’re experimenting with food, so you don’t attract ants. Those buggers bite.