Bi-Monthly SAS Update

By Francesca Simmons '14, SAS Media Relations Chair

Welcome back, Scripps! Time for the first update of the 2012 spring semester! SAS has quite a few activities going on this semester, and we want you to be in the know. First up is the SAS website. The new website should be up sometime in February, and its main goal will be to help Scripps students navigate their time on campus. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see on the website, please email me, Francesca Simmons, at

SAS Sustainability Chair Julia Howard has been working hard since last semester to help make Scripps a more sustainable school. Many of her projects have begun to take form. One of the most visible projects is the Kimberly recycling program. Kimberly Hall has been chosen to run a pilot program in which students will be asked to recycle their paper recycling in a separate bin in their rooms. Students will then bring the paper recycling, along with their other trash containers, to a container outside the dorm. Staff on facilities will be transporting the paper recycling to a newly purchased cardboard and paper baler behind Malott Commons. The baler is currently receiving paper recycling from Malott and the Motley, and Scripps receives money for each bale produced. Bales are recycled to fund more sustainable efforts on Scripps’ campus. The pilot recycling program is running from mid January to the end of February, and the hope is that by next year we will be able to implement the program in every dorm. Please support your fellow classmates who are participating in the program and email Julia Howard (julia. with any questions or ideas about the program.

An integral part of SAS’s spring semester is the upcoming elections! If you are interested in any SAS positions and have questions, please contact the SAS member currently in that position. Some positions, such as president and social activities chair, require the candidate to talk to the incumbent beforehand. If you are interested in the president position, please contact Antoinette Myers ( Antoinette has created this new email specifically for SAS, and hopes that you will send her any SAS- related questions or concerns you may have.

If you have questions about the social activities chair position, contact Lili Salzberg (lili.salzberg@scrippscollege. edu). Also, if you are interested in being the student liaison on the Board of Trustees, look out for applications this semester. They will be available soon.

On a final note, the next BeHeard forum will be on Feb. 8 in the Student Union. The theme has not been finalized, but it will concern life at Scripps. Make sure to come out and see what it’s all about!

Have fun this nice, sunny semester, and keep SASsy, Scripps!