McCrickard Joins CP&R Team

By Megan Petersen '15, Copy Editor

Scripps students and alumnae can expect to see a new face in the Career Planning and Resources Office: Melissa McCrickard has joined the team this semester as an interim career counselor.

McCrickard recently moved to the area and began a Master’s program in educational counseling with an emphasis in higher education at the University of Redlands. Her current job as a career counselor is part of on-the-job experience she needs to complete practicum for her Master’s. McCrickard expects to graduate in May.

McCrickard says she loves the beauty of the Scripps campus, but she’s really amazed by the students. “The students are very prepared, and it seems like even if they don’t quite know what they want to do, they have some sort of direction,” she said.

McCrickard said she wanted to work in career counseling during her undergraduate, but it took her a few years (and several changes of her major) to realize it. McCrickard, who grew up in Chicago, moved to southern California after she graduated from college, and she decided that it would be a good idea to start graduate school. She says that one of the most important parts of her job is active listening. “You...want to hear the student’s interest and then gauge where they are in the career process.”

Since she has spent most of her first few weeks at CP&R training, McCrickard hasn’t spent much time working with students. She said, though, that students help her understand what life at Scripps is like. “The more that I understand about what the students are going through, the better I think I can help.”

McCrickard is very excited to be working at Scripps, so if you see her on campus, be sure to say hello.