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CMC Stats Scandal

WTF, Claremont? Apparently, the Claremont Colleges are trying just a little too hard to get on the map, recognized by competent authorities (Forbes and the Princeton Review). First, Scripps screwed up their numbers (and got bashed by TSL), and now CMC has been purposefully falsifying their stats for six years..... WWTSLD (What will TSL do)? Remember back in September when CMC was bragging about doing better in the rankings than Pomona?... Whoops. Karma’s a bitch.

Obama on Light Sabers


Remaining GOP Candidates

Jon Stewart said it right... Romspringa!

Marcel the Shell

Still awesome.... EVERY time! I mean, who doesn’t want to hang glide on a Dorito?

CMS v. PP Rivalry

Too malicious! Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for shouting at fans, especially in rivalry games. But you see, there’s this thing called a line – and it was crossed at the Wednesday night game. The Pitzer-Pomona fans were passing around a CMS roster with the players names and blatantly falsified, rude (way past traditional unsportsmanlike conduct), and explicit information.


At the next game on Feb. 21, the worst thing I expect to hear is “Safety School!” shouted at the other fans. We all have close friends on the other campuses. Such conduct should not be toler- ated by the school or condoned by the students. This list crossed the line. Don’t do it again. Here’s the plan: one Claremont College sports team. We’re all a clusterfuck anyway (isn’t that what the New York Times was implying when they called us a “Claremont Colleges cluster?”).


So, it’s gone. And I still pronounce it the way you would in Span- ish (c-nay). Clearly, the Colleges want to be EVEN more prestigious than they already are by eradicating the only Internet con- nection that worked reliably.

Goodbye, we’ll miss you. :/