Let's Get Naked: Issue 7

Hello sexy readers! With Valentine’s Day safely behind us, I’m happy to note that your sexy questions continue to be charmingly pragmatic. I’m a sucker for people who aren’t afraid to get explicit. Dear readers, your candid bedroom questions positively make me swoon.

Should you kiss her when she’s done going down on you or make her gargle mouthwash first?

-Mr. Clean

Hundreds of tiny singing fish agree: kiss da girl. Seriously, though. If you’re okay with the idea of your partner ingesting your genital juices, then you should be okay with ingesting genital juices yourself. Mostly, this means that you should be up for returning the favor. Don’t get blown if you don’t want to eat out, and vice versa.

But that doesn’t really answer your question. The idea of ingesting your own genital juices is a different matter altogether from the idea of going down on someone else. And I take it that’s why you want to have your partner gargle mouthwash—so you don’t have to (horror of horrors!) taste yourself. Fair enough.

If you don’t want to kiss right after cunnilingus or fellatio has been performed on you, then understand that you shouldn’t expect a kiss right after you yourself have performed cunnilingus or fellatio. You and your partner should communicate with one another. Establish what both of you are comfortable doing so neither of you feels jilted after providing the other person with genitally-derived pleasure.

Speaking of communication, keep those questions a-comin’! Your Slutty Health Expert will be here all semester, ready to answer whatever queries you might have. If you’re out of queries, I can continue the public service of my column (you’re welcome) by offering my unsolicited opinions on sexual matters.



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