(Re)Meet the Motley: 2012

By Julia Hughes '13, Contributing Writer

With the start of 2012, we at the Motley feel that it is a good time to reintroduce ourselves to the greater Scripps community! There have been a lot of changes and transformations in the past few semesters, which have developed from a period of deliberate self-reflection. The Motley community has closely examined its policies and practices to ensure that they align with our larger ideologies.

The first step in this process was to reevaluate our mission statement. This was not an attempt to completely alter the Motley from the coffee shop we all know and love; rather, it was a motion to refine our impact on our internal and external communities. After a series of meetings that concentrated on this specific goal, the manager team of Spring 2011 wrote the following:

The Motley’s Mission is:

• To be a socially responsible business that explores diverse feminist critiques.

• To connect the Claremont Colleges with local and global communities by perpetuating sustainable supply chains.

• To foster independent thinking and purposeful change.

With this as our foundation, we have moved forward to adjust the different aspects of our business to reflect these particular intentions. Listed below are some additions and alterations made in this process:


Coffee of the Month: One of our efforts to provide our customers with more options while also educating about the vast range of options in the coffee industry. The Motley purchases only fair and direct trade coffee so as to actively engage in supporting producers, raising awareness, and cam- paigning for changes in the practices of conventional international trade.

You might have noticed this semester that some of our prices are different. In the past, we have priced our products in accordance with our competition’s prices, like Starbucks and Honnold Café. This year, we’ve decided to re-price according to the actual value of each product that we buy. If you have any questions about our prices, please contact our Products Manager, Kelsey Poppe (’12) at products.motley@gmail.com.


Each semester we grant financial sponsorships to students from the 5Cs who need money for their thesis, internships, special projects or something related to their work or our community here on the cam- puses. We offer sponsorships that fall into two categories: Individual/ Thesis and Community/Group. Over the past year, you might have noticed that we’ve updated the Motley space in many ways, ranging from new couches and chairs to a new espresso machine! Because of these larger purchases, our sponsorship budget this semester is smaller than it usually is.

This means we can’t allocate as much money as we’d like to for everyone. So if you would like to apply for a sponsorship, please do so as soon as possible, as we give our funds on a first-come, first-serve basis.

HOW TO APPLY FOR A SPONSORSHIP: Go to the Motley’s website (www.motleycoffeehouse.com) in order to start your sponsorship application. Hover your mouse over the Sponsorship Program tab for a list of options to choose from (Community/ Group, Individual/Thesis, or Corn Mug). Choose the appropriate option and click the link on the page to the application. Fill out the application accordingly. Some important things to remember are to send your receipts to Scripps College Mailbox #1180 and fill out a W9 if applicable. Sponsorship funding is allocated on a rolling basis, so submit your applications before the April 6 deadline. If you have any questions about Motley sponsorships, please contact Melissa, our assistant head manager, at assistanthead.motley@ gmail.com.


This Fall, the Motley began working with Scripps Maintenance to recycle cardboard separately from the rest of recyclable materials. Scripps Maintenance purchased a cardboard bundler, which bundles together large amounts of cardboard that Scripps can then sell to be recycled. The income from these sales will fund future sustainability projects at Scripps. Currently, cardboard form the dining hall is being bundled, but Scripps Maintenance hopes to expand the program to include all dorms, and then the Motley’s participation can serve as a bridge to acclimatize students to separating different forms of recyclables. Customers can help this effort by recycling their paper in the small white bin next to the rest of the waste bins in the Motley.